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Product Name:Tweed Optional

The cage structure is welded with a special tire, which is firm and strong. After the cage is welded, it is also treated with integral heat-diffusing zinc to ensure that the rust-proof performance of the cage is greatly enhanced, and the galvanizing is also painted. It not only guarantees a layer of rust, but also makes the cage more beautiful. Standard section options: standard section specification 650X650X1508, thickness 4.5/6.3/8/10 customers can choose standard sections of different thickness according to the height of the building. According to the user's needs, the standard section surface can be painted or hot dip galvanized (with relatively high strength and corrosion resistance). The rack is painted.


Cage matching cage

Welding structure adopts a special clamping fixture.Welded cage is completely hot dip galvanized and then painted to make it more anti-rust and beautiful

Cage matching cage 

Cage with perforated aluminium and operation cab.


Size 650X650x1508, thickness is 4.5/6.3/8/10, According to user needs the surface of mast can spray paint processing or hot-dip zinc treatment Rack is painted.



Standard configuration:single door+double open the door 

Other configuration:single door +flip door,single door double door side door 

Configuration is optional according to the customers need



The device are usually used in low wind and low building usually used in low building or when the wind is not so strong

Pull and plug type sliding contact line has the features: easy installation, not effected by the wind, low pressure drop, and low sil.

Easily installed little affected by the wind and widely applicable occassions.

Installed easily, it is installed on the mast under the cage or on the opposite mast and same track with the cage running not affected by the wind, it is with special construction design, so that reduce the threshold and the construction.


Type IIC wall bracket and type II wall bracket are mainly used for long distance wall

VA type wall and VC type wall are mainly used for short distance wall

Note: The main frame of the IIc/Vc wall attached, the wall arm and the wall bracket are the same.





The integrated electric boom is a special lifting tool for standard section heightening and disassembly. It has the advantages of high lifting efficiency and flexible rotation, which can save a lot of manpower.

Detachable boom is a standard section heightening and disassembly With hoisting tools, it has high lifting efficiency and rotates Live, convenient transportation, saving a lot of manpower and so on.


The floor call system can solve the communication problems of construction workers and construction operators, and improve the efficiency of construction elevators.



Direct start, relatively simple structure easy maintenance.

Energy saving, small startup current, speed adjustable, frequency conversion control system and smooth braking low mechanical wear and tear.

Energy saving, small start up current, adjustable speed, frequency conversion control system and smooth braking, low mechanical wear and tear.


SC construction lifts have perfect and reliable electrical and mechanical interlocking safety devices: door safety switch, upper and lower limit switch, limit switch, anti-top switch, safety protection hook and anti-fall safety device. Overload protector is also configured according to requirements

 Compared to similar products, overload protector can work after1 hour powering off, and also has the function of memory and reading. It ensures constructions reliablity and safety.